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© Courtney Heffernan 2012

Courtney Heffernan


Ready to Drink

Runa is the first beverage company in North America to sell guayusa, an Amazonian tree leaf that balances as much caffeine as a cup of coffee with twice the antioxidants of green tea. It's key ingredient isn't the product of a lab, but an ancient tradition of brewing guayusa as a source of mental strength and focus.

Inspired by every bottle's reserve of 'focused energy', we created a visual vocabulary that conveys a sense of clean and refreshing energy, while subtly preserving the amazonian roots that speak to the "health food" market.

Featured on Brand New + Communication Arts

Garces Group

Restaurant Group

Three distinct parts: (1) exploration: searching tirelessly for new experiences; (2) mastery: comfortable knowledge in the foundations - ingredients and techniques - of preparing a meal; and (3) curation: aid in understanding not only what should be experienced, but how and why; combine to tell a unique, rich and multi-textural story that is the Garces Group brand.

The multicultural process, resulting in an infinite number of possibilities, becomes the underpinnings of the identity system. The complex layers and multiplicity of the designs, signifies the breadth of the groups offering, and establishes permission to continuously follow the group's curiosities and evolving influences.

  • Creative Direction: Jeremy DiPaolo
  • Strategy: Jeremy DiPaolo & Maxine Gurevich
  • Logo Styling: Rhonda Boone
  • Logo Photography: Brian Michael Lauer


Lobster Roll Food Truck

The name "Turf" has an inherent duality, one for staking claim to an area, and another for a its connection to a dish of seafood served with meat. Unfortunately, the name became more than apropos, as Turf became the new kid on the block.

The duality of its name was carried over into branding a food truck that strove to be at once modern and nostalgic. The bright, neon palette paired with the retro airstream hearken to ideas of "The perfect spot, the glare, the yearning to stop time." Have a taste of the good American beach side.

Lydia Elise

Birth Announcement

This birth announcement, playing off the traditional idea of the stork, treated the newborn as a package — Dad was now the “manufacturer”, and Mom the “carrier”. By using the format of a packaging slip and cues from postal ephemera, Lydia Elise’s birth announcement presented all the typical information found on a birth announcement while allowing for surprising additions like Lydia’s actual feet.

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Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria

Interactive Brand Application

Creative Director: Matteo Bologna
© Mucca Design 2012

Live Site

The Jade Hotel

Interactive Brand Application

Creative Director: Matteo Bologna
Art Director: Erica Heitman-Ford

© Mucca Design 2012


Interactive Brand Application

Creative Director: Matteo Bologna Art Director: Andrea Brown
© Mucca Design 2012


Interactive Brand Application

Creative Director: Matteo Bologna
Art Director: Erica Heitman-Ford

© Mucca Design 2012

Courtney Heffernan is a designer, letterpress printer, and (occasional) front-end developer living and working in New York City.

She believes that to produce a system that is both meaningful and useful, one must understand both the limitations and possibilities of its current and future applications.

She once bought a Heidelberg Windmill to learn the art of printing.

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